Other Support Systems

Here are more resources available online.

  • Here2Talk: Here2Talk is a confidential program for counselling and referral services for post-secondary (university and college) students. It is also free and available 24/7/365. You can chat or talk to the professionals via phone, app and website anytime you want.
  • BounceBack: BounceBack is a free program designed to build skills to cope with anxiety, depression, stress or worry. It also has free online resources for you, including coping methods for anxiety related to COVID-19.
  • heretohelp: Heretohelp provides online resources for mental health, both for yourself and people around you. It will help you understand different triggers and symptoms.
  • Avaiya University: Are you interested in developing your mental wellness? Avaiya University offers free workshop series for mental health. Join over 40 experts, therapists, and doctors as they discuss strategies to overcome mental health issues.