Personal Success

In this section, you can learn tips and skills that you can use for your academic, professional and personal lives.

How to Stay Motivated – It is normal to feel unmotivated when we have certain tasks to complete. Even though procrastination is very common, sometimes we want to avoid it. Go through these 8 steps to stay motivated.

Time Management – How can you manage your time? Follow our 4 steps and practice your time management skills!  Apply the example we used in this page to your Hanson schedule, and see how you’d make your weekly schedule.

Student Budgeting Guide – Read through this guide for practical advice on how to start and follow a budget. You will learn where to find the resources you need to organize your finances, and explore 3 budgeting Apps to find which ones works best for you.

How to Write a Professional Email Email communication might be something you do every day, but have you learned how to write an email in a professional manner? Read these guidelines carefully to help guide your professional email correspondence from start to finish.