Support Services

Let’s face it – life is hard sometimes. We have both happy and sad moments. Whether it’s school, work, family, friends, or future, we often have worries and troubles in our lives. And these can affect our moods, sleep and daily lives.

We constantly need to have extra time out of our everyday life to take care of our own physical, mental and emotional health. We have control of our own life, and we are the force to navigate it. Check out the following links:

Counselling Servicelet’s meet our counsellor Raman.

Our Student Wellness Coordinator – let’s meet our Student Wellness Coordinator Lorraine and find her presentations.

Self-Care Tips we explore 6 general tips for how to practice self-care.

Self-Love – we explore what it is like to love yourself.

Mindfulness Matters – we explore 5 ways you can incorporate “mindfulness” in your everyday lives.

Keys to Happiness – we discuss 3 ways you prevent happiness in your everyday life, and 7 ways you create and embrace it.

Stress Management – we feel stressed all the time, but more in some occasions than others. We explore symptoms of stress in our body, potential stressors in our everyday lives, and different ways to alleviate stress.

Breathing and Grounding – we discuss breathing and grounding techniques, both of which help calm you and put your focus to the present moment.

More Resources – we have gathered free online resources for mental health.